The People Demanded A Bold, Progressive Vision for America. Now, We Get to Work

January 6, 2020
Media Contact: Center for Popular Democracy Action;


New York, NY — Today, the Center for Popular Democracy Action released the following statement from Network President and Co-Executive Director Jennifer Epps-Addison after Democrats took control of the Senate:

The results of this election season signal a new direction for our country — one that repudiates the white supremacist attacks we’ve seen in our capital today. Record-breaking numbers of Black, brown and Latinx voters turned out to reject the last four years of divisive, racist policy. These are the voters who delivered Biden’s win; and now, we’ve successfully taken control of the Senate, opening the door for real progressive change for the first time in a decade. The people have spoken: we demand transformative change, and we’ll work just as hard as we did in this election until our vision is realized.

We can’t honor this moment without applauding the tireless work of those determined to create a world where all voices are included and heard. This historic moment for Georgia, in particular, would not have been possible without the tireless work of CPDA’s local affiliate, The New Georgia Project Action Fund. All across the country over the past decade, Center for Popular Democracy Action and our network of affiliates have worked to empower Black, Brown and Latinx communities to fight for health care for all, humane immigration policies, transformation of our criminal legal system, and for a country where all can thrive. Together, we made sure our voices were heard. Now, our incoming leaders must listen to our needs and deliver change to our communities.

Over the past few months, voters came to the polls to demand that our leaders fight for transformative policy changes that will uplift and empower Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, and Latinx communities. Our rising progressive representatives cannot just address, but must wholly reform the system to undo the abuses that have plagued our country since its founding. They must pave a new path towards a more just and equitable future — a future that we’ve been waiting for far too long.

With progressives in control of Washington, D.C., the people are giving them a clear and urgent mandate: They must take action to relieve the country from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are calling for immediate action to build an economy that works for all, to protect our homes, our healthcare, and our humanity. Relief is long overdue; and we’ll be watching to make sure that it’s delivered. During the pandemic and beyond, we demand that the government represents the will of all people, respects and supports immigrant communities, and delivers equal and universal access to quality healthcare, equitable education, and economic justice for all.

While we take this moment to celebrate the victory of a now Democratic-controlled House, Senate, and administration, it doesn’t cancel out the anger in our hearts as our capital is terrorized by far-right militias. We pledge to hold accountable the Republican leaders who have tried to silence our voices, subvert the will of the people and incite white supremacist riots. We’ll remember that democracy isn’t just about one election, and cannot rest on the shoulders of one group of people. We all carry the weight, and we will continue to organize and turn out for the future we want to build.



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Together, we will grow our movement for a multiracial democracy and secure safety, dignity and liberation for all.