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The People Demanded A Bold, Progressive Vision for America. Now, We Get to Work

The results of this election season signal a new direction for our country — one that repudiates the white supremacist attacks we’ve seen in our capital today.

Letter to Donald Trump - We demand safe schools!

To: US President Donald Trump,
CC: Secretary Betsy DeVos
CC: Members of Congress
CC: Joe Biden


As parents, students, educators and community organizations deeply invested in America’s public schools, we are mortified by your administration’s insistence on forcing children into school buildings in August and September without a comprehensive plan to ensure their safety.

We Must Fight Trump’s Escalating Attacks on Our Democracy

Trump’s suggestion to delay the November election furthers his march into authoritarianism


For Immediate Release:

July 30, 2020

For media inquiries contact press@populardemocracy.org.


CPD Action Endorses Slate of Progressive Candidates in Michigan

“Transformation can only happen if we listen to what our Black and brown community members are saying”

For Immediate Release:
July 27, 2020

Media Contact:
Inarú Melendez, 413-331-9530, imelendez@populardemocracy.org


Multiracial Grassroots Network Responds to SCOTUS Review of DACA

“Today’s decision is historic and it is the result of the courage of young immigrants, their families, and organizations who fought for years to win and protect DACA”


More information about our endorsement
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