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We work on campaigns to win progressive policy victories on issues of economic and racial justice that bulid the power of low-income workers, people of color, and immigrants.

Support Automatic Voter Registration!

Automatic Voter RegistrationAutomatic Voter Registration is one simple way to streamline our voting process and increase individuals' participation in our democracy. Automatic Voter Registration ensures the government, whether state or federal, depending on the law, adopts the responsibility of registering eligible voters, reduces state government costs of paper registration systems, increases voter participation, and could bring 55 million new voters to the rolls nationwide. Sign our pledge demanding Automatic Voter Registration for all Americans >>

The Fight for Fair Wages

Minimum wage voterThe current minimum wage is driving working people deeper into poverty across the country. While the cost of housing, food and other every day needs has risen, the minimum wage has not kept pace. Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans don't think there is anything wrong with our federal minimum wage. If millionaires and billionaires in office don't want to raise the wage, then they certainly don't deserve our vote! Stand with workers and sign our pledge now declaring yourself a minimum wage voter >>

Take a stand against corporate greed!

Most workers in our country are paid by the hour, and all too frequently their hours are cut, or they vary wildly week-to-week. We also see working people having to take on two or even three jobs to make ends meet, because businesses are more concerned with keeping the money at the top than offering workers more hours. Sign the pledge now to support workers and take a stand against corporate greed >>

Starbucks: End "clopens" now!

If you've ever pulled an all-nighter or worked really late only to get up a few hours later and do it again, you know just how hard it can be to balance your life, family, and school responsibilities on too much work and too little sleep. Employees at Starbucks call this a "clopen." Last August, Starbucks announced they would end clopens, yet many baristas still work back to back opening shifts several times a month. Sign our petition now calling on the world's largest coffee seller to end clopens >>

Justice in Policing

From Ferguson to Oakland, from Baltimore to Houston, activists around the country have unified to speak out against state violence and police brutality. Rooted, community organizations across the country are working hard to demand respect for Black communities and Black bodies, and an end to police violence, mass criminalization and incarceration.

People are starting to listen, but it’s time to implement solutions that can save lives, strengthen communities, and bring justice to those lost. Sign our petition now demanding justice in policing >>

Stand with Women in the Workplace

Today's workweek is more like 24/7 than 9 to 5. Too many workers are expected to be available all the time either without guarantee of work or pay for their flexibility. Working women and mothers experience the brunt of these uncertain schedules inflicted upon them by their employers. Sign our pledge to stand with women who need a fair workweek >>