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CPDA Endorsed Candidates

With less than two weeks until the Midterm Elections, CPD Action brings momentum to next generation of progressive leaders.

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Join the #LeagueOfHeroes

Volunteer for the midterm elections with your local organizations and local candidates! Sign up to volunteer even from the comfort of your couch! We can win this, but it's going to take ALL OF US giving it everything we've got!

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LIVE: We're in DC to hold Congress accountable for financing DHS, CBP, and ICE. We demand they stop funding the harm against our communities!

3 days ago

To advance a progressive agenda that fully funds programs for all Americans & working families, including… https://t.co/qFPqow4BlI

13 hours ago

#NovemberIsComing, and this election is in our hands! Sign up and join the fight now!