Center for Popular Democracy Action on the Senate’s Vote to Confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court


WASHINGTON, DC -- After the Senate’s vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States, Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy Action released the following statement:

"Women have changed the course of history—and we’re just getting started. We exposed this sham process, and ignited a grassroots movement that will not be deterred.

“Only weeks ago, the pundits said Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination would be a cake walk. Instead, over the course of this confirmation process more than a thousand women and allies were arrested, and millions more took action in the largest mobilizations against a Supreme Court nominee in history. In our resistance we exemplified the true spirit of popular democracy - imaginative, informed, and sustained participation by all of us.

“When we band together and tell our stories, we can change the future of this country. We have told the truth about sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh. We have made clear the Republican Party has no respect for our bodies, our choices, or our voices.

“Women will not be silenced. Women will not be afraid. And on election day, women will vote. When we cast our ballots this November, we will elect true leaders who respect our bodies and our interests.

“November is coming.”


Media Contact: Lia Weintraub,

Together, we will grow our movement for a multiracial democracy and secure safety, dignity and liberation for all.