Center for Popular Democracy Action Responds to Fund for Collins’ Future Opponent 

“It’s time for Collins to prove that she’s not tied to corporate bribes,” says national community organizing network


WASHINGTON, DC Jennifer Epps-Addison, Network President and Co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy Action, released the following statement after its allies, Mainers for Accountable Leadership and Maine People’s Alliance, along with the Be a Hero PAC, had raised $1 million in small donations for Senator Susan Collins’ opponent if she votes for Brett Kavanaugh:

“People from across the state of Maine have spoken. They have said that if Susan Collins votes for Brett Kavanaugh, they will collectively give $1 million in small donations to an opponent to run against her. In this unprecedented effort, 41,000 Mainers and activists have come together to demonstrate their stake in the Kavanaugh fight. Instead of representing the interests of these constituents, Collins decried their collective action and called it a ‘bribe.’ Meanwhile, over 97 percent of her campaign donations come from corporations, millionaires, and billionaires. Collins still has a chance to prove that she represents the will of the people. Later this month, she can vote ‘no’ on the Kavanaugh nomination to prove that she’s not tied to corporate bribes. We commend the incredible organizing that Mainers for Accountable Leadership and Maine People’s Alliance have carried out in partnership with the Be a Hero PAC to demonstrate the stakes of the Kavanaugh fight and the will of Mainers and activists.”


Media Contact: Lia Weintraub,
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