White House Action to Limit DC Protests

“We will continue to fight for the voice of the people, with the voice of the people.”


WASHINGTON, DC – In response to news that the Trump administration seeks to trample the first amendment by imposing steep fees on protests and demonstrations in DC, effectively banning protests in front of the White House, and putting limits on spontaneous protests responding to breaking news, the Center for Popular Democracy Action released the following statement:

“Peaceful demonstrations are an important way for people to have their voices heard in our democracy. From women’s suffrage to the civil rights movement, our nation would not be what it is today without protests and demonstrations. In this time where politicians make policy decisions based on the priorities of the lobbyists and millionaires that give them millions of dollars, it is more important than ever that we protect the ways for everyday people to have a say in our government. By attempting to limit protest, the Trump administration is taking a dangerous step toward authoritarianism. They’re trying to silence the millions of people across this country that believe in equity, justice, and democracy and dismiss our movement as being fake. We will not let them. We will continue to fight for the voice of the people, with the voice of the people.”


Media Contact: Lia Weintraub, lweintraub@populardemocracy.org

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