Trump, Congress Members Who Denied Election Results Must Be Held Accountable for Attempted Coup

January 6, 2020
Media Contact: Center for Popular Democracy Action;


New York, NY — Today, the Center for Popular Democracy Action released the following statement from Co-Executive Director Brian Kettenring in response to calls for President Trump’s impeachment and for accountability for the members of Congress who incited today’s violent attack through their attempts to overturn the election.

“President Trump and the Republican congress members who refused to accept the fact that millions of us organized and voted to elect Joe Biden, and who illegally sought to contest battleground states' electors, are responsible for the violent attack on our country today. Make no mistake — by feeding lies about the election in order to undermine the voice of the people, they encouraged an angry mob of armed right-wing protestors and white supremacists to descend on our Capitol in a shocking display of physical violence and chaos that led to the disruption of government and the death of at least one person.

Donald Trump and members of Congress must face consequences for inciting an attempted coup to stop the peaceful transition of power, which is enshrined into our Constitution. The Center for Popular Democracy Action supports the growing calls, led by Rep. Ilhan Omar and a number of House representatives, for the impeachment of Trump as the prime instigator of the seditious attack on the U.S. Capitol today. The next two weeks before inauguration otherwise offer a terrible opportunity for Trump to continue to fan the flames of even more violence and abuse of his presidential power.

Furthermore, we support the resolution introduced by Rep. Cori Bush calling for the investigation and possible expulsion of the members of Congress who have voiced support for a reversal of the election, a group which includes more than 120 representatives as well as 13 senators. We cannot stand by while the very people elected to protect our democracy encourage violent attempts to overthrow the government.”




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