Statement on the Final Passage of the COVID-19 Relief Bill from the Center for Popular Democracy Action’s Co-Executive Director Ana Maria Archila

March 10, 2021

Center for Popular Democracy Action


New York, NY — “Today, the second-biggest economic stimulus plan in U.S. history received final approval from Congress — a huge victory for families who have experienced economic devastation throughout the COVID-19 crisis. This historic bill is a critical step in providing relief for those who have been most deeply impacted, including the following key provisions: disbursement of stimulus checks to millions of families, including to many immigrant children of immigrant parents previously excluded, the creation of the child tax credit, the extension of unemployment benefits, the expansion of Obamacare subsidies, support of emergency rental assistance and resources for vaccine distribution, and more. Together, these provisions will help lift many out of dire circumstances and help restart our economy. This moment must be credited to the Black and Latinx communities who organized and turned out in record numbers this fall and voted for a government that cared about them and their future. These voters delivered a mandate to the Biden administration to create a path for recovery — and their voices were heard. 

While we celebrate this momentous win, we recognize that the work is far from over. The vast majority of Republicans opposed this legislation, showing no concern for the communities which they serve. The $15 minimum wage increase, which would have transformed the lives of the country’s low-wage workers, was voted down. Vital support to unemployed workers was cut, making it harder for millions to support their families in the middle of a pandemic. And unemployment insurance is currently scheduled to expire on Labor Day, highlighting the urgency of updating our unemployment system to ensure stable benefits rather than scrambling for last-minute extension. Due to the reconciliation process the Senate used to pass the bill, a stronger and universal moratorium on evictions was not included, leaving many tenants at risk. Moreover, we still need a viable pathway to citizenship for the five million essential workers who have risked their lives over the past year to keep the country open for business. Now more than ever, we need Democrats to fight for those who elected them to office and keep delivering on the promise of building a fairer, stronger America.”


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