Progressive Organizations Celebrate Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign

Mar 5, 2020

“Our country and our movement are better for the brilliance, passion and drive that she brought to the race,” says coalition of grassroots groups.

CHARLESTOWN, MA -- In response to news that Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the presidential race, organizations including the Center for Popular Democracy Action, Our Revolution, the Sunrise Movement, People’s Action, Make the Road Action, Justice Democrats and Mijente, released the following statement:

“Elizabeth Warren ran an inspirational campaign. Our country and our movement are better for the brilliance, passion and drive that she brought to the race. She opened up a national conversation about how Wall Street has consolidated wealth and power while leaving so many of us locked out of hope and opportunity. There is a reason why hedge fund managers, corporate landlords, fossil fuel billionaires, and private equity titans squirm when they hear her name. It’s because she has what it takes to build an economy that works for us all, not just the wealthy and powerful. Elizabeth Warren committed her campaign to racial justice work through her policies and the deep relationships she built with Black, Latinx and immigrant leaders and organizations, including Representative Ayanna Pressley, Secretary Julián Castro, Black Womxn For and the Working Families Party.

“Over the past year of the race, many of us had a chance to meet with, learn from, and grow with Senator Warren. She produced a historic progressive policy agenda and worked with social movement organizations like ours every step of the way. In every single encounter, she showed up and listened intently. Elizabeth Warren responded to feedback with care and a commitment to advancing the progressive movement and values. That is leadership in action.

“We are committed to continuing to work with Elizabeth Warren to transform the Democratic Party and transform our country through 2020 and beyond.”

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