House Republicans Propose Legislation that would Cost Communities Billions of Dollars while Maintaining Trillions in Corporate Tax Breaks




Washington, D.C. --  Yesterday afternoon House Republicans introduced legislation that would cut $130 billion in spending on healthcare, housing, education and a number of other vital programs while maintaining Trump era tax cuts that added trillions to the deficit. Republicans continued to insist that they will allow the federal government to default on its payments, bringing on global financial catastrophe, unless Democrats agree to the devastating cuts.

Jennifer Flynn Walker, Co-Chief of Campaigns at the Center for Popular Democracy Action, released the following statement in response: 

“The last Congress passed legislation that lifted over 2 million kids out of poverty, expanded access to healthcare and created the most robust labor market in a generation. Instead of building on that success, House Republicans have introduced a bill that manages to do harm in nearly every community across the country, increasing hunger, homelessness, and healthcare costs; slashing spending for schools during a teacher shortage; and eliminating investments in our infrastructure and economy. It also eliminates regulations that protect our climate, threatening the lives of millions of people living in coastal communities and ensuring that we will continue to spend billions of dollars every year on disaster  response. The only winners in this bill are corporate tax cheats and the lawmakers who love them.”


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