CPD Action Reacts to Warren Medicare for All Payment Plan

“Greedy corporate actors have polluted our health care system -- and it's time they pay the price.”

WASHINGTON -- Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren released her campaign plan for how she would pay for Medicare for All. Jennifer Epps-Addison, network president and co-executive director of CPD Action, released the following statement in response:

"Everyday in America, far too many people are forced to make the impossible choice between seeing a doctor when sick and keeping their lights on, between filling their prescriptions and putting food on the table. Until we abolish the profit motive, our families will never have the health care we deserve. Thankfully, Senator Warren has a plan for that. Her Medicare for All payment plan is proof that we can provide quality health care for everyone, while building an economic system that truly works for us all. Rather than raising middle-class taxes, Senator Warren's plan ensures that the corporations responsible for indiscriminately increasing drug prices, monopolizing hospitals, closing care facilities in rural areas, and jacking up insurance prices for the sickest people are the ones who pay up for our single-payer system. Greedy corporate actors have polluted our health care system -- and it's time they pay the price. We celebrate Senator Warren's inclusion of a financial transaction tax in her plan to ensure that the financial sector -- and those most responsible for thrusting the bulk of the cost of care onto the sickest people in this country -- are the ones who pay for it."


For Immediate Release: November 1, 2019

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