CPD Action Network Reacts to House Bill to Overturn Declaration of National Emergency


NEW YORK -- In response to the Congressional effort to overturn the declaration of a national emergency on the border, the Center for Popular Democracy Action Network released the following statements:

Ana Maria Archila, Co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy Action, said, “The people in this country know that Trump’s national emergency is an attempt by the President to seize power for himself, undermine our democracy and our constitution, and solidify his white nationalist agenda. This power grab is not only dangerous because of the precedent it sets, but also because Trump’s racist wall and his deportation force inflict unspeakable harm on immigrant families and communities.

“Though President Trump will undoubtedly veto the resolution, we are grateful for the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, Congressman Castro and the members of Congress who voted for it. We will continue to need this kind of bold leadership from Democrats in Congress to protect our communities and build a country where we can all live with dignity.”

Lupe Magdalena, Executive Director at Sunflower Community Action, said, “Today, we stand with our members of Congress who are not afraid to call out this fake national emergency solely designed to continue the persecution and caging of our immigrant communities. We applaud the efforts to make sure this national emergency never materializes and we pledge to continue fighting for our immigrant communities so that one day we can live in peace without being afraid of a government that abuses its power to pursue a racist agenda.”

Elizabeth Alex, Senior Director of Community Organizing, at CASA said, “As we continue to respond to real emergencies in our communities caused by a rogue federal agency that tears families apart, we applaud members of Congress who stood up to challenge President Trump’s fictitious assertion of a national emergency at the border today.”

Natalia Aristizabal, Co-Director of Organizing at Make the Road New York, said, “Donald Trump’s fake national emergency is an abuse of power and undermines our democracy. The real emergency is the one that Trump created by separating hundreds of immigrant children from their families, trying to waste billions of dollars on an unnecessary border wall and the deaths that have occurred by detention under ICE and CBP. Congress must stand up with immigrant communities across the country and continue to reject Trump’s anti-immigrant racist demands.”

Mario Wolthers, Member Leader at Make The Road Nevada, said, “Members of Congress stood up for our constitution today, claiming a fake national emergency to get around the democratic process is unconstitutional and an abuse of power. The real emergency is the millions of immigrants looking for an opportunity in this great country and they continue to get attack. We urge Congress that they continue to stand up for what is right for our immigrant families.”


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