CPD Action Applauds Sen. Warren’s Tenant Protections Plan

In a meeting with Make the Road Action Nevada and CPD Action tenant leaders, Warren noted the importance of protections for renters


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Yesterday, as Senator Elizabeth Warren sat down with housing advocates from Make the Road Action Nevada and CPD Action in Las Vegas, Nevada, she announced an expansion to her presidential platform for housing to include tenant protections. 

Senator Warren heard from housing justice advocates in Nevada about their priorities and shared details in her new plan.

See Warren’s tweet about her meeting with Make the Road Action Nevada

In response to the meeting, LaLo Montoya, political director at Make the Road Action Nevada, said:

“We are proud of our members at Make the Road Action Nevada for hosting Senator Warren to discuss her plans on achieving housing justice. Our elected officials are not doing enough to address Nevada’s housing crisis, with so many of our working families living one emergency away from experiencing homelessness. We got to hear the plan that Senator Elizabeth Warren has in regards to housing and how she is committed to bold investments public housing and that she is putting our families interests first not the rich interests.” 

In response to the policy, Dianne Enriquez, co-director of community dignity campaigns at CPD Action, the sister organization to the Center for Popular Democracy, released the following statement:

“We all deserve a stable and affordable place to live, whether we own or rent our homes. Yet for too long, national politicians have focused their policies on homeownership and have left renter households to struggle with stagnant wages, mounting rent, and a severe lack of affordable housing. We applaud Senator Warren for her plan to protect America’s 43 million renter families. Our families desperately need policies like just cause eviction protections, access to counsel in the case of eviction, and a Bureau for Tenant Protection. We need a president who will take the increasing gentrification and displacement in our communities seriously, and who will tackle the remnants and perpetuation of redlining that is segregating our neighborhoods. We applaud Senator Elizabeth Warren for developing a housing plan that builds upon the hard work of grassroots activists and tenant leaders.”



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