WASHINGTON, DC – Late Wednesday night Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) announced that Senator Manchin had finally agreed to legislation that will provide relief to millions of people in West Virginia and nationwide while requiring corporations and hedge fund managers to pay their fair share.

In response, Julio Lopez Varona, Co-Chief of Campaigns at the Center for Popular Democracy Action (CPD/A) released the following statement: 

“After nearly a year and a half of attention-seeking obstruction from two senators who placed their own interests above those of their constituents and the nation, we are finally seeing signs of progress in the Senate. The draft bill released last night will lower health costs for millions of people, including a reduction in prescription drug prices for seniors, and address the greatest crisis facing our nation and our world by investing in clean energy and reducing carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

“It also begins to close the loopholes in the tax code that have allowed corporations and investment managers to avoid paying their share of taxes. Removing these loopholes will do far more to address inflation than the job-killing rate hikes of the Federal Reserve.

“Yet this small step forward has come at a large price–in exchange for his vote, Senator Manchin insisted on continued subsidies for the fossil fuel industry even as the planet burns, sea levels rise, and millions of people around the world face increasingly dire food and water shortages. He also required Democrats to strip out provisions that would have tackled child poverty, the affordable housing crisis and our failing healthcare system. 

“Make no mistake: It took the concerted efforts of millions of people who made their voices heard and put their bodies on the line to get to this point. But moving forward requires a majority in Congress that will do more than the bare minimum to keep our planet habitable, build a just and resilient economy, and tackle corporate greed and predation. CPD/A and its allies are working to build that majority and render the demands of Senators like Joe Manchin irrelevant.”

Representatives from CPD/A are available for interviews and commentary.



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