The Center for Popular Democracy Action Endorses Joe Biden for President

The endorsement is rooted in a profound sense of urgency and strategic necessity to wrestle control of the country from Trump before it descends further into an anti-democratic, racist, fascist regime 

Brooklyn, New York — Today, the Center for Popular Democracy Action (CPDA) announced that its affiliate network endorses Joe Biden for President. 

The endorsement is the culmination of extensive conversations with CPDA’s network of community organizations led by and for Black and Brown people, working families, women, and immigrants who understand the urgency of defeating Trump while holding the Democratic center accountable.

“Our network is laser-focused on getting Trump out of office like our lives depend on it, because they do”, said Jennifer Epps-Addison, co-executive director of CPD Action. “The decision to endorse Biden is a pragmatic choice, but not a blind one. We remain as committed as ever to building a country where we all have the freedom to thrive. Our endorsement recognizes our responsibility to be unequivocal in the necessity of defeating Trump, it is not an acquiescence to a status quo agenda.” 

CPDA has significant policy differences with Joe Biden, and continues to urge him to support policies like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and divesting from police, which will mobilize key constituencies still skeptical of the Biden/Harris ticket. 

“Black and Brown working-class people across the country have turned up in record numbers to challenge empty rhetoric, catapulting progressive policies ahead, and building an incredible movement. Defeating Donald Trump in November requires our movement to be all in. The 2020 election will continue to be a battleground. Our network is committed to helping Black and Brown communities participate at record levels, and to organizing those same voters to hold the Biden/Harris administration accountable when they get to the White House,” Epps-Addison said.  

The Working Families Party—a close ally of CPDA—other leading progressive organizations, and activists, also endorsed Biden. 

“We represent the transformative agenda that Joe Biden hasn’t yet committed to,” said Maurice Mitchell, national director of the Working Families Party and board member of CPDA. “The ascendant left is making a truce with Joe Biden, so we can win. I look forward to working in solidarity with other  organizations in this fight to generate record turnout to dump Donald Trump so that six months from now, we can be the biggest thorn in President Biden’s side. This is the path to drive big change.”   

Representing community organizations in 35 states, Puerto Rico and Washington DC, CPDA has a strong base of support in key swing states, including in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In partnership with local affiliates, CPDA plans a massive voter engagement effort including driving a seven million contact, seven state program to turn out voters of color and younger voters. 

In addition to our support for local organizing, CPDA will mobilize a digital program featuring geo-fenced ads in key locations, as well as a national remote phone banking and texting operation. Ultimately the program will have 3.2 million conversations at least seven times throughout the course of the election. 


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Together, we will grow our movement for a multiracial democracy and secure safety, dignity and liberation for all.