Biden’s Plan Narrows the Gap for a Just Recovery in Puerto Rico

Progressive Network Responds to The Biden-Harris Plan For Recovery, Renewal And Respect For Puerto Rico

Brooklyn, New York - In response to the introduction of the The Biden-Harris Plan For Recovery, Renewal And Respect For Puerto Rico, Julio López-Varona, co-director for Community Dignity Campaigns at the Center for Popular Democracy Action network issued the following statement:

“Puerto Rican communities and their diaspora are encouraged to see their longtime demands to reject austerity and protect basic services, like education and the healthcare system reflected in Biden’s plan for Puerto Rico, but it’s not a perfect vision.

“Wall Street interests have managed to peddle harsh measures of austerity that led to a 15% drop in population over the last 10 years, the highest poverty rate in the nation, and a staggering 20% rate of unemployment. In the last year alone, Boricuas in New York called for their state Attorney General to conduct a special investigation to address the legitimacy of a debt that jeopardizes a path to a just recovery for the island.

“Biden’s directive to execute an audit as a means to review the legality of the debt, is a testament to the work that many groups have done to elevate the impact of Wall Street, question the legitimacy of the debt, and demand its cancelation as a condition to a just recovery. 

“Unfortunately, the plan continues to see PROMESA as the solution to Puerto Rico's long term financial crisis. PROMESA and the unelected and unaccountable Financial Oversight and Management Board (FOMB) have failed at creating a sustainable plan for economic recovery and fiscal health. Maintaining them would perpetuate many of the structures that led to this crisis and allow for this system of fiscal and colonial oppression to continue. We hope to see a Biden-Harris administration turn its attention to other solutions like the Territorial Relief Act. However, we feel like the policies outlined are a step in the right direction and we look forward to working with the administration towards ensuring a just recovery for the island.”


Together, we will grow our movement for a multiracial democracy and secure safety, dignity and liberation for all.