Center for Popular Democracy Action Endorses Julia Salazar, Jessica Ramos for State Senate

“New Yorkers have the chance to elect two exciting candidates who can inject new energy into the State Senate,” says national community organizing network


NEW YORK, NY – Center for Popular Democracy Action (CPD Action), a national network of grassroots community organizations, released the following statements from Co-Executive Director and Network President Jennifer Epps-Addison endorsing Julia Salazar and Jessica Ramos for New York State Senate:

“In a season when women of color are shaking up the New York establishment, New Yorkers have the chance to elect two exciting candidates who can inject new energy into the State Senate and ensure all communities will have a voice in Albany.

Julia Salazar will be a champion for a community that has for too long been ignored by its representatives in the State Senate. She'll shake up Albany with an unabashedly progressive platform that includes taking profits out of healthcare, abolishing ICE, and taxing the one percent - and she'll match that platform with the one-the-ground experience to ensure that the job gets done. We couldn't be prouder to support her.

Jessica Ramos is an accomplished organizer who knows her community inside and out and would be a powerful advocate on their behalf in Albany. As State Senator, she'll stand up for our values by fighting for single-payer healthcare, a state Dream Act, and rent stability for all. We don't need more politicians who claim to stand with us but sell out our interests once they get into office. We need leaders like Jessica Ramos. Jessica will fight for communities that are underserved by Cuomo's New York and threatened in Trump's America. And that's why we're standing with her.”


Media Contact: Asya Pikovsky,
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